How You Get Good Family Stories


This past weekend, my husband and I went searching for tracks to drive on in our new, used Jeep. We came to one extremely bumpy dirt road with deep grooves. At the beginning I braced for each bump. But, quickly found out that by tensing my body I made it feel worse.

Instead, I loosened my body and let it flow where it wanted to go. My head bobbed, my waist danced from side to side and I didn’t feel nearly as clobbered.


(Not our Jeep, but you get the picture)

This is a good way to look at the upcoming holiday season. Turkeys will burn, toys will be sold out, you’ll forget to send a card to someone. Expect that things will get screwed up. And go with the flow. They aren’t the disasters we make them out to be when we are over-stressed. In fact they are often the stories for future holidays.

Remember when mom got strep throat and we ended up eating turkey pot pies for thanksgiving? Remember the snow storm where we slept in a gas station parking lot because all of the hotels were filled? Remember how badly you wanted tickle me elmo? And they were sold out, but you got so excited a month after Christmas when you finally got it.  (All true stories for me)

What if this year you relaxed? If you didn’t get worked up over the little things? I want you to really be happy and merry this season.


Photo by: W Silver

If you want a Simpler Holiday plan:

Do you want a holiday plan that doesn’t have you do a million things you just don’t have time for?

I’ve tried the holiday plans that are online. But, I never finished them. Having simplified my Christmas I didn’t use many of the parts of those plans. And they just made me feel guilty.

Would you like a simpler holiday plan ?

I created a plan that I use to keep my holidays organized without overwhelming me.

Bundle it with the Simple Annual Plan to help plan your year ahead.

Simple Holiday Plan PLUS the Simple Annual Plan Bundle

Or get the holiday plan alone: Simple Holiday Plan


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