How Green is Your Grass?

“If the grass is greener on the other side it’s probably getting better care.” – Earl Nightingale


Ouch, but it’s true most of the time. We like to think some people were born lucky, and it’s not fair and everything should be easy. But, as a general rule the person you are jealous of has worked very hard.

Which is good, because that means we can do it, too. If it’s only about luck or right connections we don’t have a chance. But, if it’s about doing the work – we can do it.

It also mean you have a choice. Is the time it takes to do the work, worth it to you? Maybe you’d love to be extra fit and run marathons. But are you willing to put in the work and time? You’d love the house to always look great, but do you want to put in the work and time to get it that way? In your heart, what are your true priorities?

Does everything have to be done to the perfectionistic standards? Or can you let go of some of that?

That person you are jealous of because of their great cooking, or powerful career may not have a perfect house or may have 20 pounds they’d love to lose.

No one has the time or energy to be excellent at everything. Becoming masterful takes a lot of time. So some things we do can be average. Or even below average.

Does that idea freak you out? Don’t worry, that’s just your ego talking.

Make your choices based on your strengths, not your ego. What are you going to water so your grass will be green?

Photo by Designs by Kari