I Am Grateful for these Problems

I have to admit I was in a funk for much of March. Not quite as upbeat as usual. Pressures from work, family, friends going through difficulties and for a little while I forgot that the reason I have these problems is because I have so much to be grateful for.

I have work that I can do from home and I know I am making a difference. I’ve already heard how excited people are that the next declutter group is coming in a couple weeks. My husband has less hours and less money coming in but he still has a job and he is in the car manufacturing business. That’s practically a miracle here in Michigan.

My teens are healthy, smart, kind and creative. And with the lovely weather we’ve been going on more hikes and bike rides together. 

I have wonderful friends and we support one another. And I love seeing people pull together through hard times.

I am living my values which is not always easy, but very fulfilling.

What are you grateful for?