I am not a PayPal phisher


I noticed my site was down today with an ominous note on it. I wrote my web host, who said that they had to take down my site since I am a PayPal phisher. Apparently someone hacked into my site and added this PayPal script thingy.

My web host didn’t just shut down my site, they erased my site.

After finally convincing them I wasn’t some devious hacker schemer posing as a life coach, they put my site up from a 2 week old back up. All of my site is already on my hard drive, except my blog posts which I haven’t figured out how to back up. (Guess what has just sprung to the top of my list of things to do?) My site is current except for the blog now.
I plan on rewriting some of the posts from my notes like setting up your financial plan for 2007. It just may take a few days.

I had to deal with a lot of emotions today. Anger, “How dare they take down my site and not take responsibility for security.” Fear, “What if I am branded a phisher and can never get a new site?” Guilt, “Why didn’t I figure out how to back up my blog sooner?”

I didn’t want to stuff the emotions down today or explode so I was no use.
After a ranting journal entry, I practiced getting back into emotional stability. Was it really as disastrous as I was making it out to be?√ā¬ Am I thinking rationally? Then I wrote out a quick plan, just in case I did lose my whole site there. And I kept reminding myself not to expect as easily flowing life, because life is messy. Right?


  • Ana says:

    I’m so so sorry!! I was amazed by the message I got when I tried to access the blog. I can hardly believe that they can just “erase you and your work” and take no responsability for it. I’d be SO angry! You’re taking it gracefully. Thanks for getting things up and running so quickly under the circumstances!

    A fan and regular reader.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Thanks so much Ana!

  • Marcia says:

    Hi Beth

    I got your email – thanks. And wow – I think I would have cracked. Either that or laughed nervously for hours on end.

    i think you are amazing for having got it up and running so quickly!

    Will chat to you on Friday!

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