I am soooo lazy!


Often when we don’t finish things we will berate ourselves that we were lazy. It’s an easy scapegoat because unless you are productive 100% of the time, you can tell yourself you are lazy. We could always do more whether it is good for us or not.

If you tell yourself, “You are lazy,” enough you start to believe it. You can do less because being lazy is just in your nature.

Lazy is a convenient excuse with consequences of shame. Not the best combo.

It’s also rarely the reason something didn’t get done.

Most likely you got overwhelmed, couldn’t decide what to do and zoned out to make yourself feel better.

Or maybe you were actually tired and your body said rest. Rest is imperative to a working person. Resting only when the work is done leads to no rest.

Perhaps you needed to make a plan for how to do the task instead of winging it. You might have needed to break the project down into smaller parts.

Next time you say to yourself, “Gah! I am soooo lazy!” instead ask yourself,

“What would make this easier and me more likely to do it?”

You’ll be surprised with the answers.


Turtle resting on a log pix by Brea Dargis



  • Gillian Betty says:

    This is so me! I get to the end of a weekend and kick myself for all the things I could have/should have done. But you’re so right, if it’s been a busy week at work or lots on with the kids, I Think the body is telling me to rest.

  • Lynette says:

    “Smaller parts” to me means putting away five things in the declutter area. I can do that. And I can do it again… How soon will I do it again? Maybe after supper also.

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