I Am Walking More – Yea Olympics!


I’ve been watching some of the Olympics and am currently enjoying the swimmers and gymnastics right now. Such drive and hard work! They are focused and lean into the support of the team, coaches and family.

This week I’ve noticed the inspiration I’ve gained from seeing these athletes at the top of their game. I’ve heard myself say, “I can walk an extra time around the pond.” Or, “Let me see if I can hold this plank an extra 5 seconds.” I went out walking yesterday morning even though I really didn’t feel like it.

As I walked I was thinking that if watching these games can give me more motivation, maybe I need to pay more attention to what I am watching and reading.

What we input into our minds does affect how we do things. A crime TV show may make us more anxious or tired. We all know what watching a bunch of news does to us. A cute cat video may make us feel happier (may I suggest this one.) Too much social media has us comparing our lives to others’ “airbrushed for consumption” lives. Social media can make use feel restless or we may feel its addictive qualities and have to keep checking it. Or we can use it to build relationships and scroll past the stuff that makes us outraged.

We can pretend that what media we consume doesn’t make a difference, but for most of us it does. (Especially for us sensitive souls.) Media is also individualized, affecting each of us differently.

So this week notice how you feel when you are interacting with certain shows, songs, or social media. Are their any changes you want to make?



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  • Absolutely agree. Doesn’t Proverbs say “guard your heart for out of it flow the issues of life”? I can’t watch anything that has an age restriction for that very reason 🙂

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