I Don’t Have Time to Be Sick


All over my facebook feed and twitter, people are saying they are sick with colds and flus. We are inside more in the northern hemisphere and the running around for the Christmas season makes us more susceptible to sickness. I know when things get busy, one of the first things to go is self-care. And even when we feel ourselves getting sick, we push through.

What would happen if when you first start to feel sick, you hop into bed, drink liquids and take your vitamin C? I’ve been doing that more and getting full blown sick, less.

Almost nothing is as important as your health. You can’t run your way from sickness. It always catching up to you. And the faster you are running in your life, the faster it catches you. So when you start to feel sick, start resting right away. Your body needs the extra energy to fight off the illness. And it doesn’t need you feeling guilty over not working extra hard. Everyone will survive without you for a bit. You aren’t a slacker if you have to take care of yourself.

Let people know if you are going to be unavailable and maybe ask for soup, tissues or sympathy.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, chicken soup, hot tea and anything that makes you feel better.

Have a bowl of hard candy, kleenex and reading material nearby.

Notice any stress you have been under lately that may have contributed to your sickness. Any emotions that haven’t been expressed? Maybe journal out some stuff.

Get into a shower or bath to help your congestion.

And then go to bed early instead of going out to activities, parties, meetings, or practices. No one wants your sickness anyway.

Are you willing to let yourself recover or will you push yourself until you have to go to bed? And probably for longer than you would have.



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