I Don’t Know Where To Start


When I walked into my office, I started to feel crushed in. I knew it was time to do a thorough cleaning of my office. I felt the usual, “Where do I even start?” feeling. So I did what I usually do with clean up projects like this.

I tore up some paper and on each piece I wrote a section of my office to clean. I started at the door and wrote, “Top of file cabinet”, “Floor next to file cabinet”, “printer stand”

For my desk I broke it down even further – left desk, middle of desk, right desk, CD area, papers in inbox and cubbyhole.

I turned the pieces of paper over, mixed them up and had my daugher which paper was first. My office didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would when I started.

I have found that often times when I don’t know where to start or I have procrastinated on something, it’s because I haven’t broken the project down far enough.

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  • Jonathan says:

    I try to do that just about every big tasks that I do.

    I remember chunking my ideas, arguments, facts, etc into bodies of paragraphs for the numerous essays I wrote during my university days. It proved very helpful as I was able to complete writing a rough draft of my essays within an afternoon or so.

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