I Don’t Want You to Declutter


When the new year comes one of the resolutions people make is to declutter the house. My declutter calendar is snapped up. This is why I hold my declutter group in January.

But, I don’t want you to declutter to make yourself look better compared to other people’s homes. I don’t want you to declutter to live up to other people’s expectations. I don’t want you to declutter out of a feeling of “not-enoughness.” I don’t want you to declutter to be accepted.

You are enough just as you are. You don’t need to be organized or perfect to be of value.

So, I want you to declutter so you can enjoy your home, have a nurturing space, make your daily routine smoother or to help you accomplish your other goals.

You don’t need to declutter. It’s not a must-do. You only need to declutter if it feels right to you. Not for any outward reasons.

If you do want to declutter maybe you tried some of these before without success:

  • Cramming a year’s worth of decluttering into a day with nothing to show for it
  • Taking everything out of your closet, getting overwhelmed with the mess and then shoving it all back in a week later
  • Going through a pile then making even more piles with your sorting, which never seems to end
  • Reading a How to Declutter book, then getting sidetracked after a couple of days
  • Energetically tackling an area, then crashing with exhaustion before it was completed
  • Decluttering, with almost everything going into a maybe pile
  • Making a New Year’s resolution to finally declutter your house, only to find it December and the house looks the same as in January (or worse after a year of added clutter)

I’d love to help you with that. You are invited to join January’s Declutter Group.



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  • Ann Withrow says:

    The c on my email address is small. My question is how do I join the declutter group when I am not tech savvy. I am overwhelmed w/ papers etc. I would love your calming presence, but wonder if you will even get my message since my computer skills aren’t the best.
    Thank you, ann

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