I Have Done Enough


Many productivity writers share about a M.I.T. list. This Most Important Things list is usually a list of 3 things to do first in your day. I like to think of it as everything you absolutely must do today or there will be consequences.  The report that is due today. A bill that has to be paid. And then one project you are working on – exercise, a foreign language, or something you are writing.

For me it’s sometimes more than 3. But when I reach 5 or 6, I notice my list is becoming made up of things I want to do today, but is not required to be done today.

Why is this list needed? Most people reach the end of the day thinking they haven’t done enough.

When you do what is most important first, before the other items on your to do list, you can say, "I have done enough" at the end of the day. What was needed was complete. Less things fall through the cracks because you are aware of what has to be done.

We all plan for our ideal day and forget that normal days mean interruptions and things going wrong.

That’s why important work first. Don’t put it off because you never know what your day holds.

Help yourself say, "I have done enough," tonight.

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