I Love Treats

Joy Diet

Jamie Ridler is doing the Joy Diet by Martha Beck as a book club and I am joining in the reading.

This chapter was on treats. To get us to take risks to create lives we love and just for the fun of it Beck says we need 3 treats a day.

Sounds good to me. I was actually surprised how well they worked to motivate me to take my daily risk.

Some of the treats I enjoyed:

  • Use my back buddy
  • Dance
  • 1 piece of dark chocolate
  • Play a few songs on the piano
  • Call a friend
  • Read a novel for a whole hour under the blankets
  • Motorcycle ride
  • Sing
  • Visit Soul Food
  • Checked email to West Wing repeats
  • Visual journaling time
  • Browsing the library

I know from helping my self care clients, that letting yourself relax, have fun, or enjoy time before everything is "done" can be guilt wrenching.

Just know that when you take no time to take care of yourself, you probably aren’t giving the people you love your best. They might be getting stuck with harried, snappish, not really there you. Don’t they deserve more?

What are your favorite treats?