I Wanna Be a Kid


Kids Play by Just Us 3

Kids know what summer is about – sprinklers, open ended days of adventure, climbing trees, riding bikes fast enough that your hair flies behind you, getting your hair wet at the beach.

Getting dirty, sandy and messy.

Can you bring out the kid in you for a bit today? Yesterday I did some hula hooping. Maybe you can uncover some bubbles.  Or get out the sidewalk chalk.

Maybe you can buy that sugared cereal your parents would never get for you when you were younger.

Or you could watch a cartoon this Saturday instead of going right into chores and errands. Or skip the errands and go to the park.

Just because you have duties and responsibilities doesn’t mean you can’t let go for a little bit. After all what would your 7 year old self think of you if you become a drag 🙂