I Want Change and I Want It Now

I hear so many people listing all the changes they want and they want them right now. They wonder how they can fit all these changes into the full life they already have.

What I want to tell you is that you are fine, right now, where you are. I don’t want you to feel that you aren’t good enough until your house is organized, your kids are perfectly well behaved, your body is like it was in high school, your career is totally fulfilling and your social life is abounding.

This search for perfection is what leads you out of a simpler life. And into a frantic, clawing, striving life.

I am not saying you shouldn’t try to change and grow. I think that is part of what makes life so interesting. But growth is fluid. You aren’t going to get perfectly organized the first time out. People that have successfully lost weight have tried often until something clicks. And even after the weight is lost there are still a multitude of things to try out to become healthier.

We can always improve and grow. We don’t have an end point to change in this lifetime.

One reason making changes can be so frustrating is we expect perfection right away or we give up. Another reason is we pick changes that are superficial so we can get the approval of others. Not what our hearts really want.

But, what do you desire deep down? What has God been calling out to you to make progress toward? What has your soul been wanting to do that you have been shushing with busyness?


If you don’t know, take some time this weekend to contemplate and be alone. Take a walk. Journal. Or paint until you can hear what your next step or steps in your life’s journey are. And if you don’t find an answer this weekend, ask next weekend and the next until you get an inkling.

Write down your insights. How will it feel to be playing with one of those growth opportunities on your list? Choose just one place to start your journey. If it feels like a should or shackles you in it may not be what you need to do right now. Choose what will make you feel more alive.

Let go of having to get there right now. Enjoy and celebrate each small change you make. Release the fearful striving – you are not alone in wanting to change, so uncover your mask of perfection and join with others.

Photo credit: James W Bailey