I Wanted Him to Be My Friend


I saw an older gentleman with a long, flowing, grey beard running as I walked along the beach. Joy was on his face reaching his eyes, unlike most of the runners who looked cranky and like they were about to pass out. Usually they just grunt as we pass each other. But, this man smiled and even said, “Good morning,” first.

As I sat by the lake later I saw him again, this time in a kayak paddling by.  He still looked like he was having the best time. His strong arms moving the boat much faster than I could.

I was thinking I would love to be that person’s friend.

Too often we grudgingly do something that we “should”. Forcing ourselves to do a boot camp we hate or create elaborate, healthy meals on a weeknight or sit through a meditation we don’t like.

What if you changed some of your “shoulds?” Maybe you would rather dance, walk or bike than run. You can have a selection of simple, healthy meals for the weeknights. Or maybe you would prefer another spiritual practice like Lectio Divina or writing down your gratitudes to meditation.

There are lots of shoulds in our lives. Are there any shoulds you can make more enjoyable or more “you”? What mindset might need changing so you can bring joy into what you are doing?


Photo of Lake Michigan I took on a different day





  • Pat Schaeffer says:

    After going through some difficult waters in the Spring, I had a day when I needed to get to my husband outside very quickly. I went out without shoes and felt the special tender shoots of green grass under my feet & decided I needed to do more of this at my age of almost 67! God was speaking to me of the little things that bring us right to where He wants us to be in His love. It’s a gift from His heart!!!

  • Beth says:

    Oh Pat, that is beautiful. I am sorry you have such troubles. I am so glad you are opening to small joy and graces!

  • Chris says:

    Such a cool story! There have been times in my life that I’ve seen people that I’d like to hang out with, too. Wonder what would happen if we approached them?

  • Beth Dargis says:

    I agree – what a wonderful world it would be.

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