I will be there

Today was flying. I was running from one place to another. Picking up kids. Dropping off kids. Running into friends but just saying hi, not stopping to chat. I was focused on the next task to do. I was getting stressed and I felt like I was on high speed.

I didn’t have time for my quiet time this morning, and when I got home from running I knew I needed to sit before running onto the rest of my activities.

I opened “Notes to Myself” and read how the author, Ă‚Â Anne AldrichĂ‚Â was in the middle of moving and her mind was filled up with things to do. When a friend invited her on a ride through his farm she almost refused. But, went anyway.

Experiencing the joy of the momentĂ‚Â and feeling all her senses she wrote that it, “dissolved any remaining ideas that anything had to be done on this particular day, other than to be in the day as it was.”

I needed to read that today. I don’t want to miss a bit of this day, just how it is with the sunshine, and people and moments. I am picking up my daughter for the last time today. I think I will open the window on the way and chat with friends there. And when I am there, I will be there.