I Wonder as I Wander

Winter Hike

A Winter Hike


I used to wander all the time. Exploring what us kids called Monster Lake. Flowing through the Illinois prairie. Taking long walks along the sidewalk with no destination. Looking for new places. Taking hours at the browsing the shelves. Talking through the woods with no fear of getting lost.

It gave me a chance to think or just be.

I remember a few years ago when I was at a conference, wandering the streets of Chicago and spending hours at the Art Institute.

I rarely wander anymore. At least not alone. We often take the kids for hikes and other exploratory adventures.

But, not by myself. So I lose the inner exploration that happens with outer exploration.

Now it seems there always needs to be some sort of destination. Errands are bundled to save time. I am longing for the freedom to wander.

OK, down on my calendar for Saturday, Wander Time.


This post was inspired by the GoVenture at I Love Life and was originally a journal piece. Photo by me.

It’s also about time to Plan Valentine’s Day.

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