I’m a Dancing Queen


On my "Things I want to do this year" list, for the past few years has been "Go out dancing."

I hadn’t done it. For years.

I didn’t want to go out by myself. My husband is a no-go on any dancing. My close friends, I thought would not be interested in going out dancing. Not that I actually asked them.

So every year I thought how fun it would be. And every year I didn’t go.

When an acquaintance of mine invited a group of us to go dancing at a live band walk in a nearby city you think I would have been saying, "Yes!"

But, then that snotty voice appeared. "You don’t even know these people all that well. It will be so awkward." "You are too overweight and old to be going out dancing." "You can’t really even dance." "Boy that is late. You won’t get home till after midnight."

I almost talked myself out of doing what I had wanted to do for years.

Instead I tucked my ego into my pocket and went out dancing. I had so much fun and got to know a group of ladies better.

Do you have anything in your life that you’d really like to do, but that ego talk is getting in the way?

Do you want to save the rainforest, but don’t want the room Moms to look down on your for not bringing baked goods? Do you want to take a "frivolous" class that would light you up, but then you might have to ask your husband to drive the girls to gymnastics? What would the church ladies say if you started riding on a motorcycle for fun? (For me, absolutely nothing.)

We simplify our lives so we can do what fills our spirit and brings light to others. But, if we are stopped by that voice, we will keep filling our lives with stuff we don’t need and don’t want to do.

So what is one thing you would like to do? Can you move beyond the voice to do a tiny step towards that?


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