Intentional Spending Month


May is the time of year I look to take a close look at my spending. We usually want to go camping at least once, see plays at Hope Summer Rep Theater, and there are always weddings, graduations, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We also want to save for our summer vacation – though this year we are saving for a roof instead.

The easiest way for me to save quickly is by going a month by only spending on necessities like food (not Ghirardelli brownies), toilet paper and gasoline. So no clothes, cute things for the house, shoes, or books. No movies or dinners out.

I’d love to have you join this Intentional Spending Month. Go ahead and most in the comments on how you are doing.

You can read more about past Spending Fasts (though based on someone’s copyright I can no longer call them that) here:

To help you, read my 20 Tips to Keep from Spending Money.

It’s also a great way to not bring more clutter in, if you plan on joining May’s Declutter Group. Many in the group declutter as much in this 6 week class as they have over the last few years.



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