Internal Changes


When I coach or teach people, the ones that make the most progress are the ones that bring the lessons deep inside. Simplifying or any other change works better if the changes are internal as well as external.


Photo by Jeff Dargis


You can do all the time tricks in the book, but if you are still rushing to please some inner critic or because you feel you aren’t good enough you may not slow down. You need to figure out the internals. Notice what is happening.

You can work on decluttering, but if you haven’t dealt with the belief that ‘more is better’ it’s going to be a tough battle.

If you simplify your life without figuring out your values, you may be living a simplified, but boring life. One that is not for you.

Paying off your debt is great, but until you know why you got in debt in the first place you may be in the same place in a couple of years.

If you don’t practice saying no because you are afraid people won’t like you, you will always have too much to do.

Which part of simplifying gives you the most trouble? What underlying beliefs can you question?


After writing this, I ran across this video from Brene Brown on Listening to Shame. Very helpful in seeing what might be underneath your shell.

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