Interrupted Sleep

I asked, “Do you value rest?” Pamela says if she awakens in the middle of the night and thinks of something that needs to be done, she can’t fall back to sleep. And she writes that there is always something no matter how organized or decluttered I become.

I’m sure that sounds familiar to some of you.


Even at sleep time we think we need to keep active and get things done. But, the body doesn’t like that and will eventually rebel. It needs that rest time to repair and renew. And our brains need that rest time as well.

So what can you do when you pop up in the middle of the night with a things to do list in your head? Instead of hopping out of bed, only leave if you have to go to the bathroom. Keep the lights down low. Place a notepad by your bed to write down to dos when you think of them without having to do them right away.

It’s also helpful to write your to do list a couple hours before bed so you can get most of that out of your head.

Then before bed say to yourself, “The day is complete. I am satisfied. Nothing more needs to be done until morning.” And you can say that when you wake up. Because Pamela is right – no matter how organized or decluttered someone becomes there is always something else that can be done. There is no actual completion of the day. Rather, we get to decide when it is complete.

You also need a restful before bed routine so you feel relaxed. Some people go from running around to plopping in bed exhausted. But, the sleep is not as restful. You can also try a vitamin like Source Naturals, Night Rest. Ask your doctor if something like that would be all right for you. This supplement contains vitamins that promote sleep, melatonin to get you back on a sleep schedule and some herbs for relaxation. There might also be hormonal stuff going on if you awaken a lot at night you can talk to a doctor about.

People are much more than what they do. And so are you. You are enough.