Is it really urgent?


In this urgent culture it seems like everything has to be done now. But, it may just be portrayed that way.

Clients are always surprised when I say they can renegotiate deadlines – especially when a new project comes up. You can ask your boss for clarification on which is more important and which needs to be done first.

What if someone says, can you have this for me by Thursday? If that seems highly unlikely, ask for two more days. Many times they are just random deadlines set, to give a deadline.

And if someone is disorganized and continually giving you projects at the last minute, have a little chat about needing more notice – even if a project is not ready to get to you, they can tell you when to expect it so you can plan ahead.

In your own life where has disorganization brought you from not urgent to really urgent? Things we have to get for a school project right now because it wasn’t on the list for errand day. (I had to run out and get index cards yesterday for a flashcard project of my son’s.) Or being late because you had to stop on the way to work to get gas because you didn’t stop after work the day before.

Maybe something is urgent because you have procrastinated on it for two weeks.

Are you creating urgency? Where is the sense of urgency coming from? Now where is your life can you make things less urgent?

Bob Walsh at Life Hack has an article on how to figure out if something is urgent or not:

Pick Your Urgencies

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