Is it Worth it?


Walking the beach

On my way to walk the beach this morning, I marveled at all the people out. Joggers and walkers. The 70 year-old man rollerblading. The elderly couple riding their bikes to the beach. A man walking his dog, holding coffee. They looked so fit and happy. I could tell this was a regular part of their day.

Many people would be envious. "They must have more time than me." "If I lived near a beach I would be out all of the time, too." 

It reminded me of the chat last night I had with the money group. Someone said that it was a matter of making the time to set up their program so they know how much money they have. I posed the question,

"Is it worth it to you?"

Each person gets to make this choice, but only if they are conscious that I choice is being made.

Is it worth it to you to spend 10 min a night with the family picking up the house, so the kids can invite their friends over without you being embarrassed?

Is it worth it to you to set up so you can track your money and maybe make better money decisions?

Is it worth it to you to watch one less TV show so you can get up earlier to exercise and feel more energetic?

Is it worth it to you to drum up the energy to declutter and make decisions on what to give away?

The people that get fit or organized make different choices. They decide, "Yes, it’s worth it."

Now you get to choose.


Photo by Ewen



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