Is simple boring?

Sometimes I get the impression that people think a simplified life means a boring life. That it’s better to feel overwhelmed and overstimulated than bored. They fear, “What if I simplify my life and then find out I hate it?”

In contrast, I think a simplified life can be one of fun, spontaneity and joy. And if you find yourself doing the same thing every day, seeing the same people and doing nothing that seems exciting or a bit scary you are missing out.

For example, yesterday was my errand day so nothing but errands was planned that late afternoon. I had my 12 year old daughter with me while my son was at robotics. Finding out one of the stores I was at didn’t have what I needed, we changed plans to include another store. While there we browsed some of the jewelry. My daughter was admiring some tiger’s eye earrings. She has been too afraid of getting her ears pierced so she never got to get any earrings.

I, on the other hand, adore earrings. My favorite accessories. She looked longingly at the earrings and said, “If I ever decide to get earrings I want these.” I nodded and she went on to say one of her friends just got her ears pierced and said it doesn’t hurt much. She was actually thinking of trying it.

“What if I got you those earrings, then we went over to the mall and got your ears pierced right now,” I asked.

At first she got a look of panic in her eyes, then a big smile as she said, “Let’s do it!”

Afterwards she was so excited she conquered her fear and said her life just keeps getting bigger this year as she takes on things she has never done.

And I got to share that moment with her because I didn’t have just 20 minutes to get my errands done before another appointment. I have time in my schedule so I don’t throw everything off with an extra half hour errand. I can remember a time though where I would have been rushing from place to place, not looking at anything interesting. Focused on getting it done and then getting out of there. I may have been impatient with my daughter or left her at home. Missing out.

Last month I was at the library chatting with one of my favorite librarians (if I had a different life plan, I would have been a librarian). She asked if I ever thought of doing a seminar at the library for adult programming. I knew I would have time to jump at this opportunity since I weeded out unnecessary commitments.  So next Tuesday I am doing a decluttering seminar at the library – which has been filled up, the waiting list is full and they had to take the signs down. An exciting opportunity I would have missed if my schedule was too full of commitments I didn’t even want to do. Sure it’s a little scary, but I am feeling so alive!

So is simple boring? No way!