Is Your Facebook Secure?


With Jon’s death, I got connected to many of his friends through Facebook. Lots of oversharing by teens going on.

I know the only way my kids could be on facebook is if they friended me.

And it’s not just teens. Many adults are sharing more personal information than they realize.

To check who is seeing what, go to Account –> Privacy settings in Facebook.

The top one is Connecting on Facebook. View your settings and decide what you are comfortable with. Then Preview Profile. That will show you what people that aren’t your friends will see. If they are seeing too much, fix your settings.

The next section is Sharing on Facebook. Make sure yours is Custom. Then go to Customize Settings. Most of mine is friends only. Very important is the People Here Now section which can show friends your location. Same with Friends can check me in places.

I also found this helpful article:

6 Things You Should Never Post to Facebook


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