Is your life being swallowed up by your house?


Last weekend, my husband and I rode the motorcycle to the "Blessing of the Bikes" in Baldwin. We stopped by the usual diner, to meet other riders we go up with. Half as many motorcyles were in the parking lot when we pulled up.

One of the riders got a big smile when he saw us come in. "I am so glad you showed up or I may have had to ride home and do some work."

We ate our breakfast as the others filled us in on people’s absences. Mainly people didn’t come because they were working on house and garden projects.

I felt so sad. This event only happens once a year and they all seem to love the ride. They missed out on the gorgeous weather, the conversation, the people and motorcycle watching. So they could work on projects.

I see this as a huge trend. Instead of living life, a lot of people are doing more and more work on their houses to match what they see on HGTV and other shows like that. Every weekend they are working on their houses, missing out on renewing fun and other people.

I think house projects can be a delightful, creative outlet. But, when all your leisure time is eaten up by your house, you may be missing out on living life.



  • A few years ago I started paying attention to how much time those home projects took away from fun activities and quality time with my family. Our house was eating up all our free time in projects, maintenance, and yard work. We decided to sell the house and go back to apartment living. The amount of free time this move opened up for us is amazing. I’m no longer spending one day of every weekend working around the house, now I’m free to spend the entire weekend doing fun things with my family.

  • Rev. Cydne' Battreall says:

    Namaste’ Beth, Thank you for this timely post on Time Being Swallowed Up By House, AND the DeClutter subject. I just wanted to comment and say CUDO’S to Mr. Eric West in Above Comment! That’s Not an Easy Decision and yet he and family made it and all for the right reasons it seems. And Turns Out the Free Time the Move Opened Up was Tremendously Beneficial to Himself and His Family. Keep Sharing the Inspirational Experience Eric, it will reach who it’s meant to reach and make a difference in their life.

    Just as what you are doing, Beth in your Simple Living Blog and Education. We received your SINGING Piece today on our Group Private FB Page from one of my friends. Great topic… being Authentic. AND Doing what we do to Please Ourselves and Not Others! And certainly NOT Missing Opportunities of Joy and Pleasure because we fear other peoples judgments. Thanks A lot. Appreciated It And Also Enjoying More of Your Pieces on Other Subjects today. Namaste’ Rev. Cydne’ Battreall, N.L.P., E.F.T., Emotional and Spiritual Life Coach, Seminole, FL. Sending You Blessings Beth, of Continued Success in All Areas of Your Life in Service to The Whole One Equal Family of God (by whatever name you know it)!

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Thanks so much for your lovely words, Cydne

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