Joy Journal

If you have a journal, is it mostly about gripes, complaints and whining? This is perfectly fine. We need to get the junk out. But, we can also use journaling to make us feel happier and more joyful.

You can have a separate joy journal or just make sure you add some joy entries in your journal regularly.

What can you put in your joy entries/journal?

  • Precious moments
  • Gratitudes
  • Things that made you laugh that day
  • People that you love
  • Your strengths
  • Activities you loved to do as a kid
  • What you appreciate about others
  • Place that give you peace and joy
  • Joyful experiences
  • Things you love to do, smell, taste and see
  • Your accomplishments
  • Happy thoughts
  • Celebrations
  • Collect cartoons
  • List 25 things, people or places that bring you pleasure

What have you been thinking about lately?


Real Joy by Todd Baker