I was reminded today in the 101 newsletter, in an article by Denis Waitley about how many balls we juggle each day. Work, family, chores, personal time, communting, etc. Many balls end up being dropped some time and usually we can start fresh. You get a new job after losing one. You miss the PTA meeting, you go to the next. Your house stays a mess an extra week.

“But, some balls are fragile. You drop them and they may break,” says Denis. These balls are loved ones, health and moral character. If you forget to place your loved ones as a priority you could face divorce, estrangement from your kids, lonliness. If you let your health go, you may not get a second chance when a heart attack hits. And doing things you know are wrong, just this once, makes it that much easier to do it again. If you lose someone’s trust, it is very difficult to get it back again.

The fragile balls are usually the quieter ones though aren’t they? They don’t scream deadline, due today or put me on your to do list. We need to keep them in mind and schedule them daily. And more importantly keep awake throughout the day for opportunities to strengthen our relationships, strengthen our body and strengthen our character. I’m game, how about you?