Just Do It, Yea Right


I was at a family dinner one weekend. Some of my relatives were having a hard time figuring out what I do.

“People pay you to help them finish their project?” “Don’t you just say Just Do It?”

I come from a family of people that, “Just do it.”

I am not one of them. I explained that not everyone can just do it. Some people are like me, and we need to get into good mindsets and set up systems so it’s easier to do.

A lot of us have more limited energy, so we need to focus. And sometimes support in that.

Some of us procrastinated and never finish anything without accountability. I always have an accountability partner and enjoy being other people’s accountability.

I had to learn skills because I am more of an imaginative flake then a self-motivated doer.

I figured others might want to learn these skills with gentle encouragement.

People say they get so much more done in one of my classes or in coaching because of the accountability, new skills and the self-compassion I teach.

So to all of you that can’t, “Just Do It,” you are not alone. We are just wired differently.


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  • Allison says:

    Very true.

    I have to have the right mindset to do many larger tasks and projects. If I don’t I’ll quit, sometimes before I even start, lol.

    I totally understand. I had a boss that Just Did It and I actually envied her for getting so much done. I just can’t do that. Prep and the right mindset only work for me.

    Glad I’m not alone! 🙂

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