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Have you ever found yourself wanting to clean the house like never before? Sometimes, the reason behind this feeling is related to something you are keeping in your closet or in a drawer, a book or a dress… an emotional burden that makes you feel uncomfortable in the most intimate of all spaces, your home. Some other times it is the old furniture or the way in which a room has been used. Be organized, choose what makes you feel comfortable and change whatever feels out of place. Letting go of what hurts will make your life easier, and it can be enjoyable and liberating.

Start with the Closet

Turn on the music, something you like, and start focusing on your closet. Remember that what you wear should feel like a second skin, it should be the mirror of your personality and character. In other words, it should make you feel good. If you can, ask a friend to help you out, it has to be someone who can remind you that you don’t wear that particular dress anymore because you’ve changed. Get rid of whatever makes you feel blue, all the dresses and shirts that drag you back to someone you are not or to a moment you are trying to forget. Clean up your closet, keep the clothes you love and move on. This will be helpful, because it will be way easier to choose your clothes in the morning, and it will allow you to feel like you own yourself once again. Plus, having a well-organized closet will certainly make you feel good, no matter what.

Focus on Books, Music and Furniture

You can start by giving away the books you know you’ll never read again: they just occupy precious space. Then, buy a few book organizers, something nice where you can also put folders and block notes. You should also take care of CDs and albums, making sure that what you have is what you really, emotionally own.

Now, you are ready to move the furniture around. This will change the energy of the house, turning it upside down. Get rid of those old pictures you’ve always despised and all those little objects that populate all your shelves. Keep only the things that make you smile. Remember, your house is the place where you should feel safe and relaxed: never underestimate the importance of feeling at home.

If you hate an old sofa and you can’t get rid of it, buy a cover that mirrors your personality. Remember that who you were is not who you are: it is perfectly normal to feel like you need to turn your house upside down sometimes, because your new “you” needs his/her own space. And if you need a drastic cut with the past, you should also think about repainting the walls. Colors mean so much.

And after your house feels new, don’t forget to clean it. Take care of water leaks, pests (here is a good contact), and everything else.

You deserve a fresh start!

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