Keeping the Sink Clear


On our bathroom sink we have hand soap and a waterpik. That’s it.

It didn’t always look that way. We’d leave brushes, makeup, earrings and whatever other grooming supplies all over. But things left on the sink usually end up wet or on the floor. (At least on our small sink.) Not to mention, it’s harder to clean.

So I created a new habit. After every grooming time, all my supplies would end up back in the cabinet. Not later.

I used to say that I’d be late if I stopped to put the things away. "I’ll do it when I get home." But, in reality it takes less than 30 seconds. Now I can’t leave things out without feeling funny. The habit stuck.

How long would it take you to put away your things after grooming?


  • K-Sue says:

    You are so right about this! I usually have soap, toothbrushes in a glass, and a Kleenex box. It takes very little time to put things away. I feel so much worse when I walk in and see I have left some stuff out on the counter.

  • Jacki B says:

    I have found that the procrastination takes up a LOT more time that just DOING IT! Thanks for putting this thought into clear concise words

  • Laura says:

    I found the trick the helped me to do this was to keep all my supplies in a basket. Each morning I pull out the basket, brush my teeth, do my hair, etc., dump everything back into the basket (easy to do as I go, because the basket is sitting on the counter next to me). Then when I’m finished, I just put the whole basket back under the sink.

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