Kid’s Hope

I’ve been a Kid’s Hope mentor for two year and a prayer partner two years before that. The idea is you are paired up with one child for one hour a week for relationship and tutoring. And you have a prayer partner praying for you and the child. A local church has a local school to work with. The mentors don’t talk about religion, but instead show with love. The results are amazing. President Bush has talked about Kid’s Hope as an example of Faith based initiatives.

I recently went to a meeting with different churches to hear a speaker on Kid’s Hope. She told of children as young as six being raised with Grand Theft Auto. Children ignored and neglected. Shy children who never heard their name spoken in love. How children in America have more economically then ever before, but many are emotionally impoverished. One on one time is rare.

So when a mentor is faithfully giving one hour a week to listen to a child and work with a child, we see blossoming. One girl wouldn’t speak for a full year with a mentor, spoke at the beginning of a new year. One boy shirked from even being touched on the shoulder, after 15 months spontaneously started giving hugs.

Kid’s Hope has a goal of pairing 5000 churches with schools. I urge you to check out their web page and think about starting a Kid’s Hope in your community.