Labor Day Fun

For the past 58 my grandparent’s church (and my Mom’s old church) have gone camping over Labor Day weekend. It’s been the the same spot most of those years, but we had to go to a new spot this year. We still had a lot of fun with old friends and family.

We knew it was going to be a good place because we saw a couple Great Blue Heron’s, my comforter on walks this summer.

Blue Heron

We took my Grandparent’s out for ice cream that had the real ice cream.


We played at the beach. My niece Maggie got her first introduction to chilly lake water. She decided she was not impressed.

My daughter caught many fish with a little net. She is patient and determined. As a group of little groups gathered to see her fish, a water snake surprised them all. Brea was so excited as it swam right by her.


The two ducks below were our constant companions at the beach. I love their coloring. Does anyone know what kind of ducks those are?


We went canoeing after breakfast when it wasn’t so warm. That’s me in the hat below. The next day my husband and I took me out on a rowboat, which felt very romantic. And I didn’t have to paddle.


We were canoeing right through lily pads and lotus flowers.


We hiked around the lake numerous times. My daughter took almost 1000 pictures over the weekend. All these pictures are from her. I love how this ducks lined up on the branch.


Along the trail we saw little signs like the one below, faded with time.


In the evenings we would play games like Scrabble, Boggle, and Quirkle. And catch up with each other’s lives. One evening my husband brought a frog visitor in.


 I love this tradition of getting together with friends and family to celebrate the end of summer. Do you have any traditions for the end of summer?