Laundry or Dancing?

One reason people stay busy doing and buying is fear.

If you are too busy you don’t have to do things that might frighten you because, "I just don’t have time for it."

But, it’s when you go beyond what is comfortable that life becomes most alive.

If you keep feeling an urge to draw, but keep yourself busy then you never have to go through that awkward beginner stage. You don’t have to judge whether you are good or bad at it. You don’t have to potentially fail.

You also don’t get the rush of learning something new or creating. You don’t get to do what may make your soul happy.

I was at my Saturday morning Groove class and they mentioned they were going to a Buddy Holly tribute dance party that night. The thought sent excitement through my heart. I knew this would be fun.

Yet I didn’t know where to park. I’d have to go there and hope to find them. Then there was the dancing in front of people thing. Also, what if we were the oldest people there?

About an hour before it was time to go I got "too tired." I also had laundry to finish. Laundry seemed exceptionally important at that moment.

I am very familiar with these voices and knew what was going on, so I gently told them to go away. I pictured me smiling on the dance floor and got ready.

I found parking. Met up with everyone. Danced, danced, danced. I felt completely alive.

(We weren’t even the oldest people dancing. We had older couples swing dancing and teenagers dressed in 50’s clothing on the floor with us.)

Last year, I was convinced I didn’t have time to join the worship team at church. But, really it was because I was used to singing in choir and groups – not singing with just a few others on stage. I started off timid and have grown each time I am on stage. Last Sunday each of us even did a solo on a verse and a chorus. My heart was beating faster than normally but I sang it and was so happy I did.

I used to let fear stop me from doing many things. I claimed busyness and tiredness. No one pressed me. I excused myself and lived a much smaller life.

How about you? Do you have anything that has been calling to you? Anything you’d love to try or experience if only you weren’t so busy?