Less Known Ways to Save Money


  • Change Cell Phone Plans. Use a comparison site to get the best deals in your zip code. We saved $20 a month by switching plans.
  • Change to a digital calendar like Google Calendar. And digital planner like Remember the Milk. If you need a calendar or planner, wait until after the new year to get them when they are 50-75% off.
  • Use a credit union instead of bank. The fees are usually lower.
  • Don’t spend any coins. Put them all into savings or debt reduction.
  • See if your neighbors have plants that need thinning instead of getting them at the yard center.
  • Only drink water when you eat out. Drinks have one of the highest mark ups.
  • Have a folder with menus and coupons for when you need to do take out. But, cook at home more often. And go out for lunch instead of dinner. Lunches are less expensive. Split meals with a friend. Most restaurant portions are too much for me.
  • Consumer Reports’ auto-test department says that the air conditioner reduces your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent. It suggests not using the air conditioner at speeds below 40 mph instead use the windows. At speeds above 40mph though the air conditioning is more efficient.
  • Disconnect the landline or switch to something like Vongage.
  • Swap for books, trade used books at a used book store or go to the library.
  • Freeze fruit in season to use in pies and smoothies throughout the year. Go berry picking for even cheaper fruit.
  • Wait at least a week before buying impulse items.
  • Get rid of some subscriptions – magazines, gym, online memberships.
  • Buy a 2 or 3 year old car instead of new. Cars lose so much value just getting driven off the lot.
  • Shop at a grocery store that either has double coupon days, inexpensive products of gas coupons. I get 10-15 cents off per gallon from my grocery store.
  • Look for alternatives to get what you want. Barter, trade, rent. Look in your own house for what you can use instead.
  • Make a budget and then use a program that will tell you when you are about to go over budget.
  • Go on a spending fast for a weekend, week or a month where you only spend on the necessities.
  • Learn to fix things and teach your kids. My husband can fix just about anything saving us tons of money throughout the years. You can find how to articles all over the web.
  • Give up cold cereal. Hot cereal, eggs and pancakes are less expensive than cold cereals.


Photo by: Andrew Magill