Less Planning, More Present


I used to be a huge planner. I would have big annual goals, then quarterly, then monthly, then weekly.

The main problem with that is 1) Things always change. Life happens. 2) I would get bored at looking at the same goals all the time.

I know plenty of people that thrive on that, but I’m not one of them.

Instead I have been looking at making the present better. What can I do today to have better character? What can I do today to be healthier? What can I do today to help others in my business? What can I do today to have fun and feel fantastic?

I am tired of only looking to the future. I want to have a great day, today. This means a lot of flowing with what is happening and checking in with myself.

I still have goals and notice progress regularly. But they are shorter termed goals.

What can you do today, to make your present better?


(If you thrive on more planning, you can see my Simple Annual Planning Workbook.)

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