Let Space into Your Life

Many people feel suffocated by their lives. They have too much stuff, too many commitments and no room to really live. What they long for, and maybe you too, is space. Space seems so luxurious. But, really you can have space in a small house as well as a big house. Or a tent for that matter.

You don’t have to fill every spot in your planner. You can add space for meandering and wondering.

One of the visualizations I love to use when stressed, is to picture myself in a prairie field with nothing as far as I can see but sky and nature. My face turns towards the sun, eyes closed and arms outstretched. I feel freedom and space. And bring that feeling back to home and work when I open my eyes.


If you are longing for space, what is one small action you can take to create more space? Declutter the dining room table? Replace something in your calendar with a meandering walk or nothing at all? Have a 5 min silent centering time in the morning?

It’s up to you to create space in YOUR life.


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Photo by Mike Cattell