Letting Go of Time Fillers

Today is the beginning of lent, a great time to re-evaluate how you spend your time. People are talking about giving up things. The original purpose was to give up things to strengthen your self-discipline and to make room in your life for extra praying, fasting and giving.

What in your life is not contributing to your life? What can you let go of to make room for what matters? What do you waste time doing too often?

Some people are talking about giving up Facebook, Pinterest, news, TV, magazines, gaming, complaining or gossip.

If you let go some something, what would have have time for? One person I know if giving up facebook to have more time to do things she loves to do like sew and get out into nature. Another is using the time to help her sister plan her wedding. Maybe you could re-discover your spiritual life. Or learn to cook. Or gather with friends more often. Or declutter. Or catch up on your reading. Maybe you could discover what volunteering would light you up.

What are you longing for in your life?

How different would your life be if you gave up the easy time fillers for some real renewal in your life? Even for just a little time. What are you going to do?