Letting your passion sneak out

I was chatting with someone today about letting our dreams surface. Sometimes what we dream about and want, scares us so we don’t even allow ourselves to think about them. We get fearful of rejection and getting out of our comfort zone.

But, does squashing down our dreams make us feel better? What would happen if you let just a little bit of your passion to sneak out? If your dream is to write a novel start with reading more, hanging out in bookstores, listening to author’s speak. When that is comfortable move on to a writing group, or writing daily to some prompts. Soon your novel will be ready to burst out and you won’t be able to hold yourself back.

In the meantime, even if you aren’t writing your novel you are allowing your dream to surface. You are creating joy in those moments.

What is the smallest step you can take today to allow your dream to surface a bit?