Life can be so daily


Life can be so daily, can’t it? Dishes again. Chauffeuring again. Making the bed again.

We tend to hurry through all the routine stuff to get to the more interesting. The projects. The events. Anything that isn’t part of a checklist.

If we look at our life most of it is spent in the routine and the mundane. As we rush, we aren’t present in a large part of our life. Life feels unsatisfying because we only count as real life, important life what is not routine.

What if we enjoyed the mundane? What if we decided to be present in our daily life? Might that be more satisfying?

Picture making the bed. (With or without the help of a furry friend.)

Making the Bed

The first way is rushing, huffing that you have to do it, and thinking about the next thing on your list.

The second way is making it gently, enjoying how nice the sheets look straightened, feeling the comforter and being grateful for this lovely bed.

Or how about picking up the family room.

The first way you sprint around the room picking stuff up, yelling at the kids to get their stuff and annoyed that this has to be done yet again.

The second way is to putter. Moving stuff in a way that feels good to you. Putting things away that feel out of place. Maybe the kids are involved and you have some music playing.

My daughter loves to run errands with me because we sing songs loudly in the car.

When you are present to what you are doing it doesn’t mean you take longer to do things. But, you are less likely to absent-mindedly put something in the wrong place. Or spill as you rush making dinner.

You will enjoy your dailies more by being present. You will remember the smell of the fabric softener or the bird songs out the kitchen window if you are paying attention. You won’t rush the routine, but give them their proper place as a main part of your life. A part that gives your life a rhythm. A part where you can use your senses to bring joy to your every day life.

Ordinary is where most of us live, most of the time. And that can be a beautiful place.


Photo by Taylor Hatmaker




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