Life Without Limits

I am reading another excellent book called
Life Without Limits
, by Lucinda Bassett. The beginning of the book tells how to counter the ways we sabotage ourselves. I just finished a section on overcoming your fears and making your fears bring you to action. She names 7 categories of fears and how to use them to your advantage.
1. Fear of the Loss of Control – to move from a control freak will take practice. Delegate more and stay relaxed. Practice underreacting.Â

2. Fear of Being Alone – There are two action steps you can take from this. The first is reminding yourself that times when you are alone are times to practice being your own good time, your own source of support. You are on a journey of inner refection, strength and self-reliance. The second action is to actively create a support system. If you can’t think of anyone to count on, then go out and meet people. No one can create a support system for you, but you.
3. Fear of Illness or Death – If you are afraid of death, then you need to live every day to it’s fullest and be grateful for the simple things. If you are afraid of illness, use it to motivate yourself to exercise, eat right, and relax away stress.
4. Fear of Embarrassment – Use it to develop a thicker skin and more self-confidence. Realize that people are more worried about what they will do or look like to worry about you. Embarrassment is usually brief. Try positive self-talk to change your state.
5. Financial Destitution – Use this fear to become financially responsible. Save, invest, budget. Figure out what you need to feel financially secure and plan to get there. Do something to bring more money into your life.
6. Fear of Criticism – Welcome criticism as an opportunity to gain valuable insight and help your growth. You get to choose whether you pay attention to it, ignore it or analyze it to see if it has any worth.
7. Fear of Losing What You Have – She tells a story of a very rich man, who never left his house for fear someone would rob him. If you are busy worrying about losing something, then you are not in the present enjoying it. Use this fear to help you be grateful for what you have. But, make sure things don’t have you captive.




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