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Photo credit: Dawnzy

Jonathan asked a great question about what aspects of his life should he keep simple and what parts of life can be simply ignored for even greater simplicity in life.

You may have heard me say it once or twice, but simple living is very much based on what is important to you and your family.

For some people with a passion for environmentalism, simple living might include using environmentally friendly cleaning products and recycling. Neither is necessarily simple, but maybe they choose to not watch TV so they have room in their life for their priorities.

For another family it may be having one spouse stay home with the kids. It’s simpler time wise, but money wise things can become more difficult.

Someone else may downsize to a small home or rent a place so they can freelance doing what they love.

If you have good public transportation, you might forgo a car – often the second biggest expense after a home. Think of what you could do with the extra money.

For my family, we thought it works best if I work from home as the kids became teenagers. Also nature and cultural events are important for our family so we have a state park pass and a yearly pass to the Great Performance series. To pay for that we buy less expensive clothing and less toys. We don’t even have a gaming system (unless a hand me down Sega from 1992 counts).

If you simplify the routine parts of life, let go of clutter weighing you down and spend less money you can have more time and money to do what is most important to you and your family.

This requires being conscious of what is important and to be conscious when making decisions. Too often life is lived by buying what sounds good at the time, doing what you are pressured to do and hating most of your daily life. But, it can be different.

You just have to choose.