Lift Your Spirits with a Walk


Yesterday the bright blue sky and lovely fall temperature lured me outside. I had a couple of errands to run, usually that I drove to since it is faster. But, I wanted to get outside after being in all day working. I invited my 15 year old son with me to walk. We walked and talked. Serious parental talk made way for lighthearted fun and laughter. The sun was lifting both our spirits. We walked downtown where they were setting up for the PumpkinFest.

The theme was movies so we pointed out a pumpkin couple looking like Rhett Butler and Scarlet. We laughed at Rocky in his red shorts and gloves. Mary Poppins held her umbrella and was about to lift off. Other artists were putting the finishing touches on their pumpkin creations. Store owners were sweeping and putting their mums around. The hanging flowers and flowers in the ground looked impeccably groomed. The yellow wooden traffic stoppers were out ready to block off the street for the parade this weekend.

I remember when I was younger I walked everywhere. Just about every day I took a walk to see what was out there and enjoy my time. Somewhere along the lines walks became something I did for exercise or to get me someplace unless we were hiking in the woods where nature engulfed and nurtured me. This walk brought me back to a time when I walked for fun.

When I got home from my walk, I felt 10 years younger with a smile that lasted for hours.

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