Light Living


Lake Michigan

Yesterday I decided I wanted to go to the beach for a bit. We live about 15 minutes away from Lake Michigan, so I took my daughter and a towel. My daughter took a chair and a book. 

I swam while she read for about an hour and then we were on our way home.

No making a big production out of it. That felt so freeing.

I remember times when we brought so much stuff that by the time we brought it all back to the car we were exhausted. Sometimes it was just getting it out of the car and to the beach. Tired before we even started.

Yesterday my daughter and I went to a meeting. She wanted to bring her purse, so I took my keys and notepad out of my purse and into hers. No sense bringing two purses. She always says how light my purse is. I’ve learned to put more things in my glove compartment, so I have items for emergency but I don’t have to carry them with me all the time. Like wipes, scissors, and the first aid kit.

The more stuff you bring places, the more that weighs you down. You don’t want to swim because what if someone steals the kid’s wakeboards or sand castle maker. Or you leave it behind. (I bring my purse into as few places as possible, because too often it gets left. It’s a family gene.) I hate going to places where you are trying to juggle food, a purse, papers, a drink and other things.

This week, when you go out ask yourself how little you can get away with taking. And see how it feels for you.