Lightbulb Moment about My Morning Routine


I like getting everything out before I start my morning grooming routine. Today as I was pulling each bottle out of the medicine cabinet I was wishing I could pull everything out at once. Light bulb moment – I can!

So I took everything out and put it in a skinny, blue container I had holding stuff my daughter had left behind when she moved out. I put the products in according to how I use them. It fit perfectly in the bottom shelf of the medicine cabinet.

I am always looking for ways to streamline the morning routine.

  • Keep quiet time books/journals in a tote bag so I can go anywhere in the house or outside for that morning centering time
  • All my exercise equipment and yoga mats are together. In the area is also an accordion folder with torn out exercise routines from magazines based on type (ie upper body, yoga, pilates, cardio)
  • My morning smoothie equipment and ingredients are together and the frozen fruits are in a top tray in the freezer.
  • My clothes are laid out the night before – including jewelry. You can see how I pick my clothes out quickly in this video.
  • I have a routine where I can check off what’s next instead of trying to use my morning foggy brain to decide. (see this video.)

Looking at your mornings, what is one change you can implement that will make it easier? 

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