I’ve been reading the too-busy book by Linda Anderson (a fellow West Michigander, whom I got to meet at a seminar a couple of years ago). The chapter on the Grace of Limits, really got to me. She writes, “…limits are tangible reminders that we are not God but that we need God.” And we should, “gratefully acknowledge them as God’s tools to restrain our wandering hearts that naturally run to excess.” Gulp. Umm, she pinpointed that one for me. Do I take on trying to be God sometimes? Thinking I can do it all and do it perfectly. Trying to let my ego decide what I can do, instead of learning from my limits. And I can definitely run to excess.

What if I relaxed into my limits? Made sure I got enough sleep, turned off the computer earlier, only spent money I had, took some downtime every day, just curled up in bed when I got a migraine, or said no when I felt like saying no?

I may not be able to do everything I think I should, then. But, what if I had the energy, patience and love to do what really mattered?