Little Delights


We took my Mom to Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids because she hadn’t seen the Japanese Gardens yet. My daughter Brea and I got there an hour early. In front of the gardens were beautiful displays of flowers. We delighted in looking at them and photographing them. We noticed that most people walked right past them without even looking. They were completely focused on getting into the building.

We do that a lot in our lives. Focus on where we want to be and miss what is happening now.

I’ve been playing with being more aware of little delights during my day. Like when I went to the Farmer’s Market. I can go straight there, get my stuff and leave in 10 minutes. Or I could spend 30 seconds listening to the live music or talking with the vendors. Saturday the road I take home from the Farmer’s Market was closed and I was detoured past a park by the lake. I stopped and took a 10 minute walk along the water.

I did notice at times like this I would say that I didn’t have time or making things extra nice took too much time. That is how we get stuck. Life can be bland if you only do what you need to do. Life can feel so much more luscious if you create and enjoy moments.

Setting the table nicely takes a few extra moments, but you enjoy the meal more than if you grab food and sit on the couch.

Walking at the wetlands for a few minutes before going to the grocery store which is right nearby.

Looking at cards while picking up something at the drugstore.

Turning off the TV and sitting on the porch reading or relaxing out by the fire.

Listening to a podcast on a drive or run.

This requires you to be aware and ALLOW yourself moments of delight. A few times a day you can ask what would make this more delightful. When you think of this week, where can you add more delight.

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