Little Longings

Lake Michigan. Beth Dargis


I went to the beach this morning by myself. All week I have been longing to go to the beach. But there didn’t seem to be time and it’s a pain to gather everything needed and the drive is about 25 minutes. This morning I wasn’t going to make any more excuses. I got ready in about 5 minutes and drove to the beach. I walked the beach, did some swimming and read by the channel the boats go down. I really enjoyed myself. I felt renewed.

See, the beach was something my son and I did together. Usually weekly during the summer. My husband and daughter sneeze at the sun and don’t like being hot. This is the first year I decided it’s OK to go to the beach just for myself.

We work hard at our jobs and taking care of friends and family. We will sleep less, over-volunteer and stop what we are doing for a friend. But, we aren’t willing to do a little work for something that will bring us joy.

We all get these little longings and desires for something that we know would make us feel happy. Then we start making the excuses for why it’s too hard to make it happen. Especially if it’s just for us.

I had to get over that guilty resistance and pack my bag. I had to get over my, "I don’t want to make the drive." Once I got there I had the best time. I had energy for the rest of the day and I was in a  good mood.

This week, listen for those little longings and make one happen.