Living Deeply

Living simply allows you to live more deeply.

Are you maintaining your life or doing the hard work of developing/deepening/improving your life? Clearing the clutter of our lives and simplifying so we can do the hard stuff. The deep stuff.

So many people are living in the shallow end of life these days. TV, browsing, games, social media. Evenings spent watching TV while playing with your phone. Waking up and jumping to email.

You can take time to be spiritual. To pray. To be still. To be mindful.

You can have deeper, less superficial conversations with people. Listening, appreciating, writing letters.

You can explore a topic or a place as far as curiosity takes you.

It’s working deeply and creatively rather than bouncing around all your different browser tabs.

You can think longer and understand more.

You can float with the music, delve into the book, and taste your nourishment.

It’s connecting with your body and soul to really listen for guidance.

Do you want a superficial life of must do’s or do you want to live deeply?


Photo by: Reinante El Pintor de Fuego