Living Your Truth


One of my clients is using Dressing Your Truth to pick clothes that match her look and personality and to declutter what doesn’t. Then we were talking about food choices and I mentioned the idea of eating your truth. Eating what you know your body loves and that tastes good.

We can use this concept for many things. In what our home looks like – does it match you and your family’s personalities and needs? If you had a specific idea of what you would bring into your home and what no longer enters that would make buying and decluttering easier.

You can use this for activities. Differentiate activities that are truly "you" and things you are doing out of obligation. Check to see if your activities represent your truth. If you decide you will only leave home 3 evenings a week you will have a built in policy with which to say no. If you decide cooking isn’t your specialty and you will not participate in bake sales, you can do that. If you love to design, or write or speak and that kind of volunteer opportunity comes up, you might say yes to it.

The requirement is that you know yourself. It is also helpful to say, "I need to check my schedule" before saying yes to ANYTHING.

How about exercise? Personality-wise do you like to do things with a group or alone? How about activity level – do you like high energy or a more soothing energy? You can do the kind of movement you liked as a kid. You don’t need to do the "in" exercise if it’s not for you.

Here are some questions to ponder:

  1. What kind of home do I want to live in?
  2. What needs would I like my home to meet?
  3. What do I no longer want in my home?
  4. What part of my home always slows down the flow of my daily routine?
  5. What does my family do in my home?
  6. Is there a spot for each of those?
  7. What are my skills that I would like to use in volunteering?
  8. How many evenings out a week do I want to have?
  9. What activities do I not like to do?
  10. What kind of exercise fits me?


  • I love the idea of my home reflecting my truth! I’ve never framed it this way but I definitely gravitate toward certain colors, textures, and structures for my furniture. I’ll have to ponder how I could use this to work on decluttering.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Wishing you a home that reflects you Melissa

  • Liem says:

    Those pondering questions are very useful. Remember the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the question you ask. Thanks for sharing!

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