Lost Time


When you think of "lost time", what do you usually see? For many people it’s unproductive time – waiting or zoning out or doing things other than what you intended. Strict schedules make lost time a tragedy. Any ounce of that sort of time and your schedule goes out the window.

But, what is we redefined lost time? What if lost time became a good thing? In that waiting time we started a fascinating conversation or daydreamed into relaxation.

In our zoning out, we let go with our mind so it could rest.

A wander through our yard renewed us.

Seeing someone with our eyes, ears and heart instead of as an interupption connected us deeply.

And then it turns out when we went back into the "real," productive world we hadn’t lost any time at all. For we are clearer, more focused and happier.

Wishing your some lost time today.


I’ve lost quite a bit of time lately watching our little bunny in the yard

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